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Initial contact with the couple

This will have occurred due to you finding me somewhere out there!

I will ask you:  (a) What the date of the wedding is that you require my services for and I will respond if I am available on that date; (b) where you are having your wedding?

I will tell you:  (a) What the fee is for my services and (b) what I can offer to you as a couple.

From there we will organise a face to face meeting between you, the couple and myself.

Face to face meeting- meet and greet for the first time.

This is basically a brief meeting where we will get to know each other, have a bit of a chat further about my service and if you are happy confirm a booking for your big day!

Agreement to have me as your celebrant. Sign off and deposit paid.

Once you as a couple are happy with me and want me to be your celebrant a $200 non-refundable deposit will be required to be paid immediately. We will sign off an agreement to confirm my services and an invoice will be sent to the couple.

Informal home visit or meeting elsewhere to discuss ceremony requirements and wishes.

This is the time that we sit down and put the planning into gear for the wedding ceremony and procedures for your day. Care, detail and time will be taken to prepare the ceremony to your liking and perfection.

I will give you as much support you need to allow me to prepare your ceremony. I have plenty of helpful resources available for this process, with the opportunity to put your personal ‘touches’ on proceedings if you so wish. I will also guide you through the required legal paperwork and required procedures and advise you where it is necessary.

Specifics such as the writing of vows, appropriate readings (if required) and exchanging of rings will be looked at as well as the ‘order’ and format of the ceremony.


Draft ceremony compiled and sent via email. Couple to approve/ add/ refine.

Following our face to face meeting and within an agreed time frame which will allow plenty of time, a draft ceremony will be compiled and sent to the couple for adjustment or approval.

Finalise wedding ceremony. Copy emailed and approved by couple.

This is the finalising of exactly what will be read out during the wedding ceremony. This is the final copy, however it is still subject to any required changes that might be needed before the actual day of the wedding.

Final payment of fee—one month before wedding date.

The final balance of the fee is required to be paid one month out from the wedding date. An invoice will be sent out with the remaining charges stipulated.

Wedding Rehearsal (if required)

Ceremony rehearsals are generally done on the evening before the event by arrangement with the wedding venue coordinator and myself.

Your Big Day

I will be at the venue half an hour before the start time. I will liaise with all parties involved in the wedding ceremony. I will be calm and collected and reassure all people involved as we want this day to be totally special. I will present you with the signed marriage licence and a well-presented and personalised copy of your wedding ceremony as a souvenir.

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