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For me life is very busy these days running a family and raising two young primary aged kids! I love being a family man and the rewards and challenges that it brings and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Being totally honest…. I admit to being sports mad! I am still playing football in the Masters grades and I am a cricket fanatic.  That is why I became a P.E teacher and now I have nearly 20 years’ teaching experience.

Public speaking is definitely my ‘thing’ and it’s part of my day to day life! People often tell me that I have the ‘gift of the gab!’ and I have had a background in public speaking roles throughout my lifetime. This started as early as at high school and I have been Master of Ceremonies at five Weddings and I frequently coordinate and present school assemblies and occasions such as Sports and Cultural Award ceremonies’.

In my current ‘middle management’ teaching position at the school I work at, I have a lot of experience in interviewing and interacting with people of all ages. This is largely done in my through being a Whanau Leader (Dean) and in my day to day relationships that I develop and nurture in an educational setting.

I have experiences in dealing with many cultures and backgrounds. This is now ‘common place’ in educational environments such as schools. On a day to day basis I come into contact with cultures such as; European, Maori, Pacific Islanders, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Philippino and many others.

I can offer a ‘tailor-made’ wedding for you which will fulfil your requirements, whether this be a traditional, modern or a service with a religious emphasis or significance. I offer things such as an in depth pre-wedding meeting and a rehearsal with the couple to put the couple at ease and to feel positive about their special day (see my wedding celebrant process for further information!)

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