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T and T Akaroa

“A Wedding ceremony needs to reflect the personalities of the couple that are making a commitment together and is the vital part of a memorable and enjoyable wedding day. The wedding ceremony should be tailor-made, totally relevant to the couple and be delivered in a comfortable and relaxed fashion on the special day. As a male, qualified wedding celebrant in New Zealand and with my confidence and experience in public speaking I will deliver a ceremony that you will be delighted with.”

Give me the honour of selecting me to be your wedding celebrant and I will:

*Take care and time to prepare a ceremony to your liking and perfection.

*Give you as much support as is necessary when preparing your ceremony through supplying helpful resources.

*Put your personal story and ‘touches’ into proceedings.

*Guide you through the required legal paperwork and procedures and advise you where necessary.

You will appreciate my personality, sense of humour and ability to relate to you sincerely.

Chris O'Connell


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